Freedom of Speech in Question?

Why the F@#$ are people still refereed to as African-Americans? If they want to be African they should move to Africa. If they want to live in America they should refer to themselves as Americans, nothing else. As for the Confederate flag… if it offends you, so should the American flag and the flag of every state that at any time allowed slavery.

I’m offended by “BET”. Not necessarily the content, but the moniker. If it were “WET”, meaning white entertainment television, I bet there would be an extreme uproar.

A Georgia police officer with almost 20 years of SERVICE was fired for flying her recently deceased husband’s Confederate flag. It is her home. It is her yard. It is her RIGHT to FREEDOM of SPEECH.

If anyone else has the right to banners, flags, or other displays of “X” lives matter. She should have the right to grieve her husband by continuing to fly a flag he was in some way passionate about.

Political Correctness truthfully means suppressing the the rights of some while catering to the wishes of others. This Woman lost her entitlement to retirement after nearly 20 years of SERVICE to her community over a flag! This country was founded on a basis of personal freedoms. What the hell happened!

I treat all people the same, regardless of their race, religion, etc… yet I am not treated the same by them at times. If anything I stated in this post offends you, I do not apologize. This is how I feel and this is who I am. I am exercising my right to FREEDOM OF SPEECH!




How does destroying property and stealing (looting) help anyone? Milwaukee is just another example of angry people using any excuse to act out. An armed suspect was shot by a police officer. Both men were black. This was not a case of racial profiling. Yet white people are being drug from their cars and beaten.

I’m tired of hearing “Black Lives Matter” or “All Lives Matter”. Simply Respect All Lives! Stealing something doesn’t bring about justice. Burning businesses doesn’t bring about justice. More peoples lives are disrupted by this ignorance than the issue they are supposedly protesting.

As a Human, I just don’t get it. One bad guy gets shot and RIOTS breakout. A soldier gets killed overseas trying to keep us safe and NOTHING. Way to go America. Don’t volunteer for the military. Don’t help police solve crimes. Destroy the livelihoods our your fellow Americans. Go ahead, steal that TV (or whatever else you want), after all you deserve it because you chose to be part of a rioting mob.

Don’t bother being nice to one another. Don’t work hard and save for things you desire. Wait for the next opportunity to riot and just go on a steal one get it for free shopping spree. And while you’re at it, go ahead and bash the skulls of anyone that doesn’t look like you.If you succeed there will be no legitimate businesses left and no one left to produce the things you desire. You’ll WIN! NOTHING LEFT TO STEAL. NO ONE LEFT TO HATE, EXCEPT EVERYONE JUST LIKE YOU!

A Glance Back

My Family Years Ago

This morning I read a post by Bare Naked in Public. I hope she doesn’t mind my reference to her blog. She always seems to be speaking directly to me, although I know that is not her intention. I would like to suggest you check out her blog and judge for yourself. After reading her post I felt inclined to reflect on my past.

The picture above was taken back in the early 80’s. My mother, on the left, was a single woman raising 3 children with no help from their father. My beautiful sister, on the right, now has 2 gorgeous daughters of her own and recently she was blessed with twin granddaughters. My brother, on the right, has a daughter entering college and a son in high-school that loves sports. I, on the left, have a son that is currently working as a chef at a local restaurant.

Back when this picture was taken I was in high-school. I didn’t think I was poor. I didn’t think working was a burden. I attended school and then went to work at my uncle’s crab shop in the afternoon. It all just seemed normal to me.Many of my friends didn’t have jobs and therefore had more time for other activities. At the time I was slightly jealous, now, I’m glad that I had the life I had. I don’t take things for granted. I have what I have because of the effort I extend and because others that truly love me have been there to support me along the way.

I have made many mistakes on life’s highway. As a husband I failed twice. As a father I made many wrong choices. I can’t change the past. I can only try to make each day worth remembering for the right reasons. My family loves me even knowing my faults. Wouldn’t it be nice if we all accepted each other as is.

Once upon a time, my mother, brother, sister and I all shared one bed at my grandparent’s home. Now, we are all separated by time and space. I wouldn’t trade a single day of my past for a day enjoyed by royalty. I don’t live a life of luxury, but I have what money can’t buy, LOVE!

Knee-jerk Reactions

This may upset some people. But I won’t apologize for speaking the TRUTH.

Unless you live under a rock you have likely seen the mass rejection of the Confederate Flag. Almost every entity that wants to separate themselves from the symbol misstate the very reason for the Civil War. It was NOT a war about Slavery. It was a war over Taxes and Tariffs. And, it was a war that could have been avoided. The Southern States wanted to secede from the Union. Abraham Lincoln, in 1861, said “I can’t let them go. Who would pay for the government?”

A prominent abolitionist, William Lloyd Garrison, concluded that Lincoln “had not a drop of anti-slavery blood in his veins.”  Lincoln stated in August 1852 Lincoln said “If I could save the Union without freeing any slave I would do it.” He went on to say “what I do about slavery and the colored race, I do because it helps to save the Union.”

Congress passed an Act in 1864 (13 Stat. 11) to allow slave owners whose slaves enlisted or drafted into to Union military to file a claim for lost services of their slaves. In 1866 a similar Act (14 Stat. 321) was also passed by Congress. The Emancipation Proclomation of 1863 only freed slaves in the Southern, Confederate, States. Slavery in the Union States was still 100% legal.

More than 65,000 Black men, Slaves and Free, fought for the Confedrate military. The Confedrate President, Jefferson Davis, suggested there would be no future for Slavery once Black CSA veterns returned from war. He forsaw that Black Conferate Soldiers should receive land grants after the war.

Union Leaders, Generals Grant and Sherman, refused to accept negroes as equals. Confedrate Leader, General Robert E. Lee, stated “There are few, I believe, in this enlightened age, who will not acknowledge that slavery is an institution of a moral and political evil” in 1851. Grant never owned slaves.

Recent News coverage of unfortunate events where Black Americans, I refuse to call them African Americans unless they were born in or lived in Africa, were the targets of terrorist like attacks has led to a mass exedus of people and companies from selling the Confederate Flag. Many Government also have removed or are plotting to remove the Confedrate Flag and other items related to those who served in the Confederate military. In my area groups want to rename our county because our county is Named LEE for general LEE. As I previously stated, he did not own slaves. One, weak in my opinion, for renaming the couty is that Lee never visited this area; my reply is that nearly all cities in America has a street named after Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and he did not visit every state in America, much less every city.

History, as taught in most schools, seems to slant towards the Civil War being fought strictky on the legality of Slavery. Our children deserve to know the truth. America fought againts Brittain for Freedom of Religion and the right to all taxes and tariffs to be done with proper representation. These same Freedoms are why the South wanted to leave the Union. I will fly the Confedrate flag below the US flag until it falls apart. Since most places have quit selling them I may not be able to replace the one I have.

Replace the Confederate flag with a flag of a pig on fire is not a proper solution. Mr. Stewart is wrong on this sobject, and I normally tend to agree with him.