Dog Fight

The other night my dogs got into a fight. I think they were fighting over a bone, but why they fought is irrelevant. What mattered was getting them to stop fighting. It wasn’t easy!

By the time I got them separated I had two bloody dogs and a bloody owner. Once a fight ensues the dogs don’t care about why their fighting. They both want to survive and that means they fight as if their lives are on the line. This is dangerous not only for the dogs, but also for the person trying to break it up. When pulling on one you give the other an advantage. So you need to attempt to deal with both at the same time. Two dogs intent on damaging each other are not going to respond to commands. They need to be physically extracted one from the other.

That means putting yourself in the thick of their dispute. The combined weight of these two dogs is greater than my own. I couldn’t just sling them in separate directions. I had to control their main weapons, their teeth, by controlling their heads. Neither of them was ready to stop. They truly acted as if only one would survive. I tugged on bloody ears. I pried mouths open that were latched on to each other only to have the mouths find a new target area.

I somehow managed to get them apart. In less than a minute both dogs had multiple wounds. So did I. I put them in different rooms and started to clean them up. I used wound powder to stop their bleeding. Then I realized I also was bleeding. It was late. I cleaned my lacerations and bandaged them up. The next day I showed them to a nurse at work. She was very helpful and made me see a doctor. It was too late for stitches. Another kind nurse cleaned and properly dressed my wounds. I was prescribed antibiotics and given instructions to care for myself and warning signs to watch for. I had to fill out a form reporting the dog bite to the county stating the dogs had their shots etc…

All pet owners should know that anything with teeth can bite. No matter how sweet an animal normally acts, they have instincts, they will act in ways logical humans will not. I still love my dogs. I understand the risks. I will do more training for them. I anticipate going back to only having one dog as they are jealous of each other. They are pack animals, that doesn’t mean they always get along with each other.

Lesson observed. Man’s best friend is capable of causing great harm. Animals can be a blessing in our lives. We have to be aware of the dangers that exist. They need love and attention along with training. Even the best trained animal is still an animal. Interacting with animals can be fulfilling, it can at times be challenging. Take the good with the bad and realize life isn’t perfect, don’t expect your pet to be perfect.


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