No Storm Last Forever

River 8 BG

As I look back over my life I see many turbulent times. Between the mighty crests of the waves there were the calms of the troughs. The winds that wreak havoc on our spirits eventually die down. All clouds run out of rain.

During the storms we have to find the strength to continue. After the storms we work to repair the damage. Of course there will be scars. How we deal with the storms and the aftermaths are as independent as our fingerprints. Yes, some of us act in similar ways, but how we feel inside is known only to us. During most storms I tend to pull my emotions inside like a turtle when threatened. Some storms I tend to lash out like a rattlesnake when disturbed. Some storms I remain calm and just ride it out. Once the storm passes we must rationally assess the damage. If we don’t properly diagnose we spend too much time trying to correct the symptoms. We add X to our lives as a patch. Or remove Y from our lives because it hurts. Doing this only prolongs our pain. Acting rationally while we are hurt is not easy. In fact, it is almost impossible.Only after a cooling down period of introspection can we truly figure out where the roots of our pain exists. Looking at our own faults is scary. Blaming others comes easy.

Because I chose the turtle stance most of the time, I allowed others to take advantage of me. When I acted like a rattlesnake, I never gave an opportunity to the other people. When I approach problems rationally first, which is rare, I remain calm and a mutual agreement is usually found. People have used me, but I let them. People tried to help me, but I prevented them. When I realize the big picture I put myself back in control of me. I can’t control others, but I can choose not to let others control me. My happiness comes from how I interpret life, not how others act towards me.

There will always be storms. Its nice to know they will always end. They might be followed by another storm, but that also will eventually end.


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