The Next Chapter

New Start 020Life can be thought of as a library. Each of us are our own book. Each of our books are broken up into chapters.

Not too long ago one of my chapters ended. I am not going to lay around and drown in sorrow over what might have been. I also won’t waste my time and efforts pointing fingers and assigning blame. It’s over and that’s that.

I have my life. I have reasonable health. I have a greater appreciation for GOD. And I still have a love for gardening. Recently I started a new small raised bed. Which led to more.

Nine heads of Cabbage, Nine heads of Red Lettuce, Nine each of two types of Kale rounded out my first four foot by four foot box. From there I potted two Tomato plants, six Strawberry plants, several types of Basil, several types of Mint, three types of Peppers, and a few Stevia plants. Into the ground went two each of Blueberry, Red Raspberry, and Blackberry. Today I put sixteen Yard-long Bean seeds into a second raised bed.

This is the beginning of my next chapter. GOD willing, there will be many more pages before my book comes to a close. My head is clear, my heart is light, and everyday is a BLESSING.