Starting Over

I am trying to start over in many aspects of my life all at once. I am going through a divorce, which will end one chapter of my unwritten book. Starting a new career path. Realizing that soon instead of my parents helping me, I will be trying to accept a reversal of roles.
It will soon be time to till the garden and start Fall planting. I hope that GOD will also plant fresh seeds of FAITH into this imperfect human. Without GOD I AM NOTHING, with GOD I am able to get through life’s speed-bumps and traffic jams.
Whatever GOD has planned for my tomorrow I accept, whether good times or bad, I know HIS divine will is ultimately more important than my EARTHLY DESIRES.
If you are reading this, PLEASE pray for GOD to give me guidance. I do not have the patience of Job, but perhaps JESUS is trying to make me learn more about my SPIRITUAL strength.ECHO and MISC 089