Who is really going “GREEN”? And who is “GREEN-WASHING” their products?


Everyday we hear companies brag about their efforts to save our planet for future generations. Still, everyday rainforests are wiped-out, waterways polluted beyond levels safe for consumption, habitats destroyed! For what? The almighty Dollar!

We are being mislead by corporate America, and our government, to such an extent that many of us don’t even know who the bad guy is anymore. GMOs must be labeled as such in most of the world. In the U.S. companies spend Billions to fight labeling initiatives. If the public knew what was really in their food they may change their buying habits and corporate America would be unhappy. That’s why lobbyists are willing to support campaigns of those who agree to vote against legislation that would require clarity regarding food contents. Large corporations spend Billions on advertisements to persuade voters that GMOs are safe, and therefore don’t need to be included on food labels. The question for me is “Why is it more cost efficient to buy the votes than to simply label the products?” Which is answered by the reality of what we don’t know is vital to their bottom line.

Rather than producing food in ways that are safe and natural, food is produced with hormones and steroids to reduce time to market, and increase profit margins. “In chemicals we Trust!” By the way, “Our packaging material is made using 1% recycled material!”, hurray for us.

The primary “Selling point” for GMOs has always been that they would “put an end to world hunger.” I truthfully believe we could better serve our fellow humans and all other creatures on this planet by teaching the hungry how to grow their own naturally sustainable crops instead of providing them with handouts of genetically modified versions of what nature intended. And, as hunger becomes more prevalent here in the U.S. , fewer people have access to food high in nutritional value, and the end result is higher healthcare costs.

When possible, buy local products, support small businesses, and avoid GMOs as best you can. Without mandated labels to expose foods that contain GMOs we all play a game of roulette. If you can grow any of your own food you might find a real connection to nature, at worst you’ll have spent quality time away from the world where everything requires electricity.

Be safe and GOD bless.