Why Kids don’t go outside anymore!

ImageHave you seen an electrical outlet on any trees where you live? Kids are so busy “connecting” with their “friends” across the internet they rarely, if ever, actually meet most of those “friends”.

I read a comic recently that got my attention. The cartoon showed two people watching a live sporting event while surrounded by a large crowd of spectators watching the same event on their “smart” devices. The caption read, “We are the only people here watching the game live”. Look around you, even in traffic you’ll find people texting, watching video on their “smart” phone, or multiple other distracting activities, instead of watching traffic.

It’s not just kids! Many adults are addicted to social media. Really, who actually has 6,000 or more actual friends? If parents and other influential adults are providing no positive structure, why should kids care?

It’s more fun to lay (or lie, or is it lye) in bed playing online video games, eating junk food and consuming massive quantities of sugary drinks, than riding a bike, hiking, canoeing, or any other outdoor activities. Says who? Not me!

Sugary food and drinks release chemicals in the brain, just like drugs do, making a person crave more of the same. The more you consume, the more you desire. The downside is, lower activity levels, higher obesity rates, and more children diagnosed with diseases such as Diabetes and ADD or ADHD. Of course a youngster full of of sugar and caffeine has trouble paying attention, are prescriptions the answer?  Not just No, but HELL NO!

We as a nation need to wake up, myself included, to the pitfalls facing our youth. Pretending this will fix itself is only going to compound the matter. Please take a minute or two to reflect on how we as a country are failing our kids.

China recently bought Smithfield, a major supplier of pork in America. America is one of the few major countries that charge for higher education, usually at rates that take decades to repay, no wonder foreigners answer our calls for tech support.

Think, Pray, Love. Buy Local when possible.


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