Earth Day 2013

What does Earth Day mean to you?

One thing it means to me is that calendars remind people how precious our planet is. Sadly, most never look at a calendar anymore.

I look at my calendar nearly every day, but that doesn’t mean I am in touch with the importance of each and every day!

This past week we saw a bombing at a National Iconic Event, an explosion at a fertilizer plant, and mail threats upon our government. We are no longer a nation with a melting pot of individuals working for a common good. We lost our innocence long ago, it’s time to focus on getting back on track. America and the world need to embrace nature and all it has to offer. Respect our planet, all its inhabitants, and once and for all denounce violence.The idea of removing hate from the people of this planet is probably far-fetched, but at one point so were space travel, cell phones, roadside bombs.

Plant something, thank a farmer, thank a vet, thank a soldier, thank a first responder, thank a neighbor, but please don’t take your good fortune for granted. America is not perfect, but there is still no where I’d rather be. I served and I’d serve again if it became necessary. I told my country it had my commitment up to, and if necessary, including my life. Now more than ever America and the world need people who will commit to the causes of peaceful co-existence and sustainability.Image


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