Forget the Fiscal Cliff. We’ve Already Gone Over Factory Farm Falls!!!


Once again our government claims to have averted disaster at the eleventh hour. Again the can is kicked down the road.

The wealthy again retain their cuts, nothing additional is done to fix the plight of the under-privileged. I’m not referring to the stereotypical poor, I mean those who are called middle-class while struggling to find enough work to feed their children. Middle aged men and women who not so long ago had the American Dream in their sites are forced to decide between food and shelter. Let alone even consider medical care or insurance when soap and toothpaste are barely (if at all) within reach.

We have programs such as Farm-Aid and other subsidies that are said to provide healthy food at reasonable prices for everyone by giving Farmers money for their crops above what the market will pay. Tax payers pay Major Corporations to mass produce FOOD, genetically modified plants and animals, on top of what we pay at the supermarket. This isn’t saving the little guy money at the store. This is paying twice forĀ food that isn’t healthy to begin with.

Small farmers who honestly work hard to bring us Healthy Products don’t qualify for the subsidies, or worse are paid not to produce so as to relieve competition with the big players. Eventually small farms disappear, fresh food is hard to find. Never Fear, thanks to preservatives our doughnuts are good for twenty years.

I’ll try to SuperSize my garden. It ain’t much, but it’s mine!