Labor Day Misunderstandings


Today was Labor Day! The day we all are supposed enjoy the benefits that labor unions have gained for us all. Some people don’t know what labor day is all about, in fact many just see it as another day off. In all honesty I doubt everything unions do is for the good of all people.

Unless America as a whole starts to concentrate on basic education and push for extended education, we will be just like Rome, Greece, and the ancient Egyptians. Doomed to fail because we are not willing to accept that what was ahead of the curve yesterday is actually yesterday’s news. America’s performance on student test rate extremely low compared other developed or developing countries.

If we can convince our youngsters to read and study, instead of play video games and watch videos on you-tube, we might have a chance of survival. Just because we are born, or became, American citizens doesn’t mean we are guaranteed success. America is not the magnet for world talent it once was, talented people now view other countries as better places to advance.

Do I think children should stop doing anything fun? NO.

Life can suck, or life can be great!

Make your life and the life of your children as good as possible.



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