First day back on campus, and nature deficit

It might be hard to see, but that is a young gator warming up in the sun. There is a lot more on campus than classrooms. I usually park in the most underused parking garage the campus has. I enjoy the stroll across the wooden bridge as well as the sidewalk trek through nature. It takes a little longer to get to my classes clear on the other end of campus, but the views can be stunning. Most other students I see on the same path I take never look at what is absolutely surrounding them. When others use this garage or the lot beside it is often a choice of last resort, meaning the others are filled to capacity, and they are probably going to be late to class anyway. In most cases they either take the walk while talking or texting on their cell phones, never pausing to breathe in clear air and examine the beauty this world has to offer.

As stated, I purposely park in the most underused parking garage, just so I can walk through natural scenery before I go into the classrooms. Sure it’s a longer walk and I can’t always predict whether or not I need an umbrella, but just one good view of nature in motion per semester would be worth the added effort. I get a lot more than one, this is my last semester here as an undergrad and I don’t envision coming back as a graduate student any time soon. I will miss these walks. I’m sure I can still visit the campus and the many other places designed to expose young people to nature in the future, it just won’t feel the same.

I have heard the term nature deficit for quite some time now, but until observing that most of my fellow students walk through natures beauty and not even raise their eyes from whatever device has them captivated worries me. I am a student of computer information systems, so I see a significant use for technology in everyday life. But should we accept that being connected is so important that we fail to even notice all that nature is and can offer us? I hope not. I and my friends grew up playing outside everyday, a lot of children today only venture outside when forced to do so! What happened to us as a nation?

If all of us were so addicted to technology like video games and internet applications, who would be our doctors, policemen, firemen, military, leaders, not to mention providers of electricity and the stuff people are addicted to? I think almost all forms of recreation have a place in people’s lives, they should not however rule your life. Recreation is vital, take the word apart and examine it.

Please take a moment to observe something natural everyday!  Give thanks to GOD for all he has provided. Respect our environment.


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