Be Strong

Everyday seems to present its own set of new challenges. Today was no different. I didn’t want to get up, the rain hitting the windows reminded me that where I was going would most likely be muggy and mosquito ridden. I got up anyway. I promised my friend of many years to help him with a few projects he needed to complete rather quickly. I could have lied or made an excuse to get out of it, but this was a friend who has been there when others weren’t.

I was right about the mosquitoes and the humidity. It was hot, muddy, and generally uncomfortable. My friend didn’t push or rush me to do the chores in front of us, and after about 8 hours that felt like 20, we were done. When I got home I felt like an old worn out rag that needed a good soak in a fast moving creek. My heart told me over and over throughout the day to “Be strong, be patient. In the end, its the results that matter, not the problems during the fight”. The fight of everyday life isn’t wasted effort, we get stronger for our attempts. We aren’t always successful in our endeavors, but we learn to survive.

At the end of the day (this and every other), what really matters is what we hold dear. Family and friends can’t be replaced with things or money! 

Blessings to all!


One thought on “Be Strong

  1. steve says:

    im pretty sure money could help

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