A Fresh Pot of Chili

This photo is of an area in the everglades not overly disturbed by man. YET!

My wife and I made a fresh pot of chili today, along with garlic bread. What does that have to do with sustainability? You might ask. Taking a hint from history, most notably Cracker houses, we didn’t cook in the kitchen. Just as a side note; Cracker houses didn’t even have indoor kitchens, nor did they have indoor laundry facilities. Cooking outside, or as we did today, in the garage (due to weather), reduces the heat created inside the home. Less indoor heat means less work for the A/C. On top of that, we also used solar/wind powered batteries and inverters to assist our cooking activities. It won’t save us a fortune in energy costs, nor can our actions alone  heal the planet. If enough people will start making small sacrifices here and there we can make a difference.

Dinner is good, I’ll probably have seconds.

Peace and Love be with you.



2 thoughts on “A Fresh Pot of Chili

  1. steve says:

    you should of barbqued on the grill

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