Uncertainty Abounds

I’m strung as tight as a steel guitar right now. I have an interview tomorrow, for a part-time, temporary, low wage job. I’m nervous because I haven’t held a steady job (excluding an unpaid internship) in more than five years. Will it be the end of the world if I don’t get the position?  No! But I still feel like I need to catch a break and get what most employers are asking for, experience. Let’s face it, I’m not young, I’m not brilliant, but hell I’m not irrelevant. I’m trying to go from a background of military service, followed by almost 20 years of construction work, into a whole new sector of the job market, Information Technology. Big jump for me, I hope I looked closely enough before I took this leap. After spending four years in college it seems like a shame to abandon the dream now. A dream without a plan is just a dream, with a plan it becomes a goal, I plan to take as many small steps as necessary until I find the right fit.

Enough of that garbage!

As expected, it is raining, almost like clockwork this time of year. Too bad folks in the drought stricken areas aren’t getting some much needed relief. The fires across much of the country’s grain belt will affect a lot more than just the people losing homes and revenue sources, we will all feel the effect when food and other products reach the market. I don’t have to water the garden tonight, but the heat has killed most the plants anyway.

Until next time:

God Bless and Peace Be With You.


One thought on “Uncertainty Abounds

  1. steve says:

    good luck hope you get the job

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