Light Alternatives

Gas prices are on the rise again. They seem to go up so quickly, but boy are they slow coming down.

One thing I’ve noticed lately that has probably been happening for years is our use of lights. A lot of homes and businesses have either window blinds, shades, heavy curtains or some combination of the above. When light is desired in a given space or room, rather than opening up for natural light, we flip a switch. Skylights were once popular, but seem to have fallen out of style. Today’s low energy usage light bulbs use less electricity, but contain mercury, and are supposed to be disposed of in a haz-mat collection site, really who does that? Newer skylight designs use tubes similar to A/C vent tubes to redirect light where you want it and drastically reduce the need of making large holes in roofs, which reduces the possibilities of unwanted roof leaks. It is even possible to have the light enter a tube that doesn’t penetrate the roof at all.

Tomorrow is another day. Peace be with you all.



3 thoughts on “Light Alternatives

  1. steve says:

    gas prices suck the rich are getting richer and poor are getting poorer

  2. Tina says:

    I’m guilty of the curtain thing… But only in the summer when I’m trying to keep the heat out and not kill the a/c…. As for the bulbs???? I will continue to use the regular one until they quit making them because if the mercury!

    I like the blog… Keep writing

    • jmd12340 says:

      Rather than earning the title “hypocrite of the year”, I admit our home is darkened by curtains in the Summer. My point was that when we need light for reading or other things, sliding a curtain open isn’t harder than turning on a light in most cases. Regarding incandescent bulbs, they are cheaper to buy, don’t contain mercury (in significant amounts), cost more to use, generate heat, and are illegal in some states and are slotted to be illegal in the U.S. in the not too distant future. The average homeowner won’t see a big difference in their electric bill based on switching light bulbs as A/C and refrigerators as well as dryers are the primary energy burdens (depending on habits, water heaters might make the list as well).
      Thank you for your kind words and comments. I will keep writing even if I never get a following of readers. To quote Jimmy Buffet, “Life and ink both run out at the same time, or so says my old friend the squid”.

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