Today’s brief rant.


Produce at the grocery store looked horrible, and the prices made it worse. Processed foods are becoming more and more abundant. A person can barely find fresh fruit in a typical store today, but candy is located at the checkout counter. We don’t know if our food contains GMOs because labeling isn’t required in the US, even though many other countries require labels.

The droughts are causing weak crops that are further depleted due to corn being used for ethanol as a government mandate. Our roads and power grids are failing. Unemployment is outrageous, and drastically under-reported based on who is allowed to be counted. SNAP benefits can be used for soda and ice-cream, but not soap or toothpaste(I am not so vain that I would deny needing public assistance during these troubling times). I have a college degree,but can’t find a job cleaning toilets.

My garden is baking in the heat and mid-day watering would only lead to steaming my vegetables on the vines. No computer program I could write will save the plants. I moved most under the shade of the Oak Tree, but not all are mobile.

Tomorrow I hope to have something positive to post, but only time will tell.

If you have a topic you want discussed, such as solar or wind electrical production or perhaps something like why most homes don’t have clotheslines anymore, I’m happy to go down any rabbit hole suggested that doesn’t require breaking laws. If we all sit and watch our lives go to Hell in a Hand-basket, we’ll find out we’re in the Hand-basket, and unless enough people try to change the course, the basket will only increase in speed.

Until next time, Be Well!


3 thoughts on “Today’s brief rant.

  1. steve says:

    i agree we need major changes to our system

  2. steve says:

    maybe you could talk about how messed up our waterways are and how local seafood is only safe to eat in small amounts or maybe we could talk about snook the fwc has closed the season for another year that makes it 3 1/2 years thats messed up who gave those idiots the right to decide what we can keep they obviously dont fish or they would know there is no shortage of fish they blame it on the freeze 4 years ago i guess they will have to keep it closed for about ten years because thats about how long it takes for snook to reach maturity its all bs i think

    • jmd12340 says:

      You bring up some great points. You and I both know that the early 1980’s ushered in some unwelcome changes in commercial and sport fishing in south Florida. Other things had been in effect since the plans to drain the Everglades and rid Florida of Bison and native cattle.
      I remember going from healthy catches of Blue-Crab to crabs with thin papery shells and little meat content.
      Progress, BAH-HUMBUG.
      I also remember kids playing outside, not tied to the electrical outlets. Sure some were overweight or lazy, but that was the exception not the rule. Today Physical Education is not required in public schools, lunches are variations of fast food restaurants. When not on game consoles or computers, youngsters rely on their cellphones to connect to the www. I think it was better growing up with 3 channels and I was the remote, and keeping a dime in my shoe for emergency phone calls.
      Computers and other technologies are great don’t get me wrong. I just think we are losing touch with nature and in some ways reality.

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