Is this America’s reality?

I started today like many others, a shower, a cup of coffee (I’m not supposed to), and a quick look at at social media. There are many people that didn’t have that option. I was overwhelmed by the sights and sounds of Americans behaving badly. News people exaggerating events as if things aren’t bad enough as they are. People who obviously should be thankful to be alive taking the opportunity to steal from their own communities.

First, news is our source of information, we don’t need our trusted sources to feed us drama. If the streets are covered by inches of water that’s bad enough. Don’t stand in a ditch to appear as the water is waist deep everywhere. There are many places the water really is that high or higher. People have died and others will likely die without assistance, and soon. Please, members of the media, just report the facts. We’re counting on you.

Second, okay you just survived a Major Natural Disaster! Be Thankful. You find areas which are mostly passable. Businesses are closed. What do you do? Rush to check on others? See if you can help? Of course not! Businesses are not being guarded so you decide to reward yourselves. How Charming! If you took bottled water or canned food to survive most people, myself included, would look the other way. BUT NO! You chose to take things that have no bearing on your immediate survival. Why would you need to take racks of clothing, does it all fit? Are electronics going to feed your children over the coming days? I guess some people feel like they are owed something for wrongs done, not to them personally, by people no longer alive, and Americans as a whole must bear the costs.

Thankfully, not everything I saw was sickening. There were also some scenes of people helping people. People working to clear roads. People working to restore power. People working to restore order.